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The idea for this list came from Jen Hoffman who publishes a weekly action list for (mostly) social issues.  I looked for a similar one for environmental and animal issues and found nothing.  There are some great non-profits which have issue-based fill-in forms on their websites that they then aggregate and send to your elected officials but congressional staffers say that a stack of robo-forms don’t make an impact; also, many sites may keep your info and sell it or use it for fundraising.

Learn more about effectively making an impact here.  Starting with the most-effective form of contact, it goes in-person, phone, email, mail.  All of these are great ways of letting them know where you stand on important issues. NB: If you have anxiety about calling, check this out. Consider using an app that lets you record a phone message to send.  And hey, if you’re not down with calling, write!

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Calvin’s List is U.S. based.  Actions should be national (relevant to everyone) and can include contacting legislators, executives, or businesses but other kinds of support or feedback are also considered!  Fill out the form in its entirety.


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