The idea for this list came from Jen Hoffman who publishes a weekly action list for (mostly) social issues.  I looked for a similar one for environmental and animal issues and found nothing.  There are some great non-profits which have issue-based fill-in forms on their websites that they then aggregate and send to your elected officials but congressional staffers say that a stack of robo-forms don’t make an impact; also, many sites may keep your info and sell it or use it for fundraising.

Learn more about effectively making an impact here.  Starting with the most-effective form of contact, it goes in-person, phone, email, mail.  All of these are great ways of letting them know where you stand on important issues. NB: If you have anxiety about calling, check this out. Consider using an app that lets you record a phone message to send.  And hey, if you’re not down with calling, write!